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Specialists in the machining and supply of PTFE and other engineering plastics

Infinity Oil Filled Candles

The idea is simple, a realistic non wax candle.

Candles have been around for centuries and have a special place in many environments. However, they also have many problems including needing constant replacement and being messy in use.

Our candles were designed as a lifetime product, the only maintenance required is to fill up the container with a special lamp oil (which can be purchased from us here) and the occasional clean.

Across the range, the candle outer casing is made from high quality Nylon which gives a very realistic appearance to that of a normal cream candle. These bodies should last a ‘life time’, maintaining the same colour and finish during use and are fully washable. The church candles have a metal canister which contains the lamp oil, whereas the dinner and table candles are filled directly into the candle bodies. They all burn a fibreglass wick which is everlasting, so long as it is kept moist with oil.

Due to the realistic appearance and long burn times of the Infinity Candles, apart from the obvious use around the home and garden, they offer many benefits to use elsewhere;

  • Interior designers: enhance room designs, create ambience and will not damage furniture
  • Florists: they will not melt onto flowers or candleholders
  • Retailers: can be used to enhance existing goods
  • Hiring: can be used time and time again at weddings, functions, theme nights, Christmas etc
  • Catering: Cleaner and easier to use than conventional candles, no damage to tables

The main benefits over traditional candles;

  • No hot melting wax
  • Lights first time
  • Washable
  • Cost effective: Pillar - up to 60 hrs, Dinner/Table - up to 7hrs
  • Realistic appearance
  • A product for life
  • Tested for safety
  • Made in England

More information about the Infinity Candle range

The Infinity Church Candle is 3” (75mm) in diameter. Oil is contained in a refillable canister. Sizes available are;

  • C5 - 5.5” (140mm) tall
  • C7 - 7” (178mm) tall
  • C9 - 9” (229mm) tall
  • C12 - 12” (305mm) tall
  • C15 - 15” (381mm) tall

The Infinity Dinner Candle is 1.2” (32mm) in diameter and 8” tall. Oil is filled directly into the candle. Each dinner candle comes complete with a rubber sconce adapter.

The Infinity Table Candle is 1.75” (45mm) in diameter. Oil is filled directly into the candle. Sizes available are;

  • T1 - 3.5” (89mm) tall
  • T2 - 4.5” (115mm) tall
  • T3 - 5.5” (140mm) tall

The new standard size for our premium candle oil is 1 litre bottles.

Due to a design change, some older candles may have a slightly different size top. We always recommend sending us your old tops so that we can replace it with the correct size top.

The replacement table and dinner tops come complete with the glass wick holder and wick already fitted. Please do not attempt to remove broken or damaged glass holders from tops yourself.

Occasionally you may need to replace all the internal parts of your Church Candle because of loss or damage. The kits that we provide already have the Nylon collar fitted into the oil canister and a brass fitting with wick fitted. Please let us know the size of candle these replacement insides are for as the C5 and C7 candles have different height canisters to the rest of the range.

Gift packaging is only available for the church candles from C5 to C12. Included in the presentation sleeve is compartmented brown packaging separating the candle from a 500ml bottle of oil and a funnel that can be used for easier refilling.

If you would like any other information about the candles, just drop us a line.

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