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Specialists in the machining and supply of PTFE and other engineering plastics

Our product range is determined by our customers. And just as our customer base is varied across all industries, our product range is immense.

Our machine shop is capable of producing from a single component up to production batches of 10,000+ parts in a single run. Size is also not and issue, we turn parts from 2 mm diameter up to 450 mm diameter.

The materials we supply are not just limited to one manufacturer which gives you the advantage of being able to meet a greater range of environmental and other product requirements.

In short, if you require a plastic part, from any material, to any design, we should be able to supply it.

From simple washers to multi angled soft valve seats

This is a product that we have come to excel at. We supplied over 300,000 valve seats last year in materials like PTFE, Peek, PVDF, Acetal, PCTFE, Vespel.

Valve Seats

Our machined PTFE O Rings can be supplied from low quantities to product batches of 1000+. As well as making to industry and British standards we can also make special diameter and section O Rings.

PTFE O Rings

O Rings

Its not all about the high spec parts. We can also produce basic washers, bushes and rings to the same high spec and finish. Our machines can get down to 3 second cycle times on basic parts giving a very competitive price.

Washers / Bushes / Rings

Many of our customers use these associated products, so we combine your purchasing requirements to get a competitive price and also reducing your supplier base.

PTFE Spray & Thread Seal

As well as the PTFE O Rings that we machine on site, we can also supply rubber O Rings in Vition, EPDM, Nitrile and Silicone.

Rubber O Rings

This is probably Doriflon’s most unusual product. This oil filled candle is a re-usable machined plastic candle made to the same high finish as our engineering parts. Buy them direct from our on line store.

Infinity Oil Filled Candles